Complementary social welfare

There are more and more workers for whom the coverage they receive from the public Social Security System is insufficient. Arises therefore the need for each individual to seek out their own coverage in addition to those of the Social Security.

The efficiency obtained from the savings invested through individual, financial and insurance products is much lower than that which can be obtained with the same amounts invested through collective products and group insurance.
In this sense, corporate social welfare, complementary to that of Social security, is destined to have a greater prominence in its different forms. Employers and individuals are increasingly aware of the interest that these types of institutions represent for both parties since with the same economic effort greater final objectives will be achieved.
Complementary social welfare can allow workers to face the future with some solvency. This system has much to offer to those who seek to maintain, at the time of their retirement, a standard of living equivalent to that they had been enjoying during their active working life. It is also important to make sure that you have those coverages that will provide families with security in the maintenance of the standard of living in the event of early death or invalidity of any of the Members who provide their financial support.
Meco Actuaries, provides the following services in this field:
Design, start-up and control of the subsequent operation of Complementary Social Welfare Systems, both for retirement and for the coverage of contingencies such as early death or disability.

    • Valuations of damages systems that companies, or any other organization, already have established in favor of their employees.
    • Analysis and quantification of the rights that, in each case, could derive from the complementary social welfare systems.
    • Advise to Social Welfare Mutuals.
    • Financial-actuarial review of Pension Plans and Funds.
    • General support, and especially in the actuarial field, to the Control Commissions of Pension Plans.